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Rack Engineering Glide-Out 100 Storage System

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    Rack Engineering Glide-Out 100 Storage System

    Inventory # 8865

    Model: Glide-Out 100


    Rack Engineering Division’s (RED) Glide-Out 100 is a space saving solution designed for accessing materials quickly and safely. High weight capacity shelves, smoothly glide out for easier accessibility to materials. Access the shelves from an overhead crane or hoist from the front side of the storage system. The Glide-Out 100 is a built-to-last solution perfect for storing dies, castings, engine components, generators, chemicals, and other materials that are too valuable to handle with a forklift

    When do you need a Glide-Out?

    Floor space is too restricted to access racking with a forklift

    Workers are leaning too far into existing shelving to hand pick heavy items

    Machine down time is excessive between die/tool changes

    Tooling, dies, or material is too valuable to handle with a forklift

    Stock parts are not visible due to deep shelving/racking

    Rack or shelf space is not being fully utilized

    Vertical storage space is wasted due to forklift

    Aisle way for a forklift takes up valuable storage/manufacturing floor space

    Standard Features:

    Up to 4,000 lbs. capacity per shelf

    Ergonomically designed and adjustable heights

    100% extension shelves

    Safety and ergonomics are extremely important. Rack Engineering Division designed the Glide-Out 100 as an ergonomic solution to help increase productivity and reduce injuries. Rack Engineering Division’s Glide-Out 100 can solve even the most unique production storage problems with ergonomics and safety in mind

    Glide-Out 100 of varied shapes and sizes depending on the application. Rack Engineering Division provides a number of innovative solutions that are specific for each type of application

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