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Digit2000 Moderne Electronique Digital Back Gauge Indicator


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Digit2000 Moderne Electronique Digital Back Gauge Indicator

Inventory # 6819

Model: Digit2000 – MEGR PFM

How it Works:

The Digit2000 encoder unit (cable extension transducer) has a stainless steel cable that is wound on a drum that turns as the cable reels and unreels. While the drum rotates, an incremental encoder sends the signal to an LED display of the reading (extended wire length.) To keep the cable tension constant, a power spring has been added to the drum


Measuring Length: 0″-35″

Motor: 9V DC 500MA (Adapter Included)

Accuracy: 0.01″ (Regardless of Lead Screw Wear)

Dimensions: 6 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ H

Weight: approx. 1 lb.

Standard Features:

Power Failure Memory (PFM – Retains the Last Reading and All the Initial Setups in Case of a Power Loss)

Reads in Inches, Fractions, and Metric Reading at the Touch of a Button

Zero Setting at Any Point

Works with Press Brakes, Shears, and other Back Gauge Systems

The Perfect Solution for Replacing an Old or Broken Back Gauge Readout

Work as an Upgrade to an Analog Back Gauge Readout

Obtain a Precise Readout on your Existing Equipment

Easy, Fast, and Non-Critical Installation in Less than an Hour

Will Fit All Systems with or without a Motorized Back Gauge

Equipment Included:


AC Adapter


FOB Factory – Contact us for Availability – Lead-Time averages 3 to 8 Weeks 

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Weight 8 lbs

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