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Victor 12″ Monaset Tool and Cutter Grinder, CM-2

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Inventory #: 7702

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Victor 12″ Monaset Tool and Cutter Grinder, CM-2

Inventory # 7702

Model: CM-2


The Victor CM-2 Monaset Tool and Cutter Grinder provides versatile capability for multiple grinding operations at a single chucking of the work piece


Max. Swing Over Main Slide: 12″ Diameter

Max. Collet Work: 1 1/4″ Diameter

Min. Collet Work: 0.12″

Min. Lead Generated by Spiral Lead Mechanism: 1.81″

Max. Length Between Spindle Nose and Tailstock Center: 6″

Max. Grinding: 4″ Diameter

Main Slide Travel: 5 3/4″

Offset Slide Travel: 5 1/4″

Front of Center: 3″

Rear of Center: 2 1/4″

Horizontal Plane (Turntable Base): 235°

Vertical Plane (Above/Below Center): 40°

Longitudinal Slide Travel: 6″

Vertical Slide Travel: 9 1/2″

Above Center: 4 1/2″

Below Center: 5″

Cross Slide Travel: 7 1/2″

Front of Center: 3″

Rear of Center: 4 1/2″

Workhead Speed: 436 RPM

Grinding Wheel Speeds: 4,000 RPM, 5,729 RPM, 8,000 RPM

Internal Grinding Attachment Speeds (Optional): 16,410 RPM, 23,510 RPM, 32,820 RPM

Workhead Motor: 1/4 HP

Wheelhead Motor: 1/2 HP

Standard Features:

Sharpens and reconditions cutters and tools with complex shapes

Multiple grinding operations at a single chucking of the work piece. It saves setup time and assures excellent concentricity

Versatility for generating straight or tapered, right or left-hand, infinitely variable leads from a simple built-in lead mechanism

Turntable mounting of entire workhead slide assembly. adjustable through 235° in the horizontal plane

Workhead that is adjustable on seperate main slide with dual handwheel control

Offset slide for workhead spindle permits centerline of spindle to be offset from center of turntable

Micrometer stop dogs and graduated dials which greatly simplify accurate positioning of workhead main slide, wheelhead cross, and longitudinal slides

Mechanical Specifications:

Floor Space: 60″ x 67″ x 62.12″ H

Shipping Weight: 1,780 lbs.

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Weight 1780 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 43 × 73 in

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