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Tin Knocker 30" Power Cleat Bender, TK No. 30

Tin Knocker 30″ Power Cleat Bender, TK No. 30

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SKU: Tk No. 30 Cleat Bender

Inventory #: 7978





Product Description

Tin Knocker 30″ Power Cleat Bender, TK No. 30

Inventory # 7978

Model: TK No. 30 Power Cleat Bender


The cleat bender is another Tin Knocker model designed to increase speed and efficiency in the sheet metal shop. It performs cleat bending operations with precision, safety and ease of performance, yet it only requires one man for operation — even on long or clumsy duct components. No holding, supporting or repositioning of metal pieces is required in cleat forming operations

Solves problems for cleat duct work requiring insulation. Can perform cleat bending operations in the flat when you are producing “L” shaped insulated duct. This time saving Tin Knocker unit is like an extra pair of hands



Mild Steel: 22 Gauge

Working Surface: 49″ x 36″

Max. Width Capacity: 30″

Motor: 1 HP / 110v / 1ph

Mechanical Specifications:

Shipping Weight: approx. 650 lbs.

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Weight850 lbs

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