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SMW Accu-Smart 55 Servo Control with Accu-Rock RT5C Indexer


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SKU: #9421 - Accu-Smart 55 Control with Accu-Rock RT5C Indexer

Inventory #: 9421

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SMW Accu-Smart 55 Servo Control with Accu-Rock RT5C Indexer

Inventory # 9421

Model: Accu-Smart 55 + Accu-Rock RT5C


Accu-Smart 55 Control:

Min. Feedrate: 0.1

Number of Programs: 10

Single Program Length: 99 Steps

Run each Program Step: 999 Times

Max. Single Program Length with Program Looping: 990 Steps

Control Weight: 12.8 lbs.

Control Dimensions: 11.81″ x 3.58″ x 13″ H

Accu-Rock RT5C Indexer:

Accuracy: +/- 20 Sec.

Repeatability: 4 Sec.

Worm/Wormwheel Ratio: 90:1

Spindle Tir: .0004″

Brake Torque: 100′ /lbs.

Gear Ratio to Motor: 90:1

Weight with Motor: 85 lbs.

Spindle Thru Hole: 1.06″

Collet Capacity: 5C

Max. Wormshaft RPM: 2,500

Permissable Loads:

Horizontal Spindle: 65 lbs.

Vertical Spindle: 120 lbs.

Off-Center Indexing Load: 5′ /lbs.

Machining Forces:

Radial Torque: 100′ /lbs.

Standard Features:

Accu-Smart 55 Control:

Jog and Incremental Jog Modes

Interfaceable to CNC E-Stop Circuitry

Automatic Brake-ON / Brake-OFF

Automatic Index Completion Signal

Simultaneous Indexer and Machine Moves

Bi-Directional Moves

Incremental Mode +/- 999.999 Degrees

Absolute Position Mode – Programmable Between 000.000 – 360.000 Degrees Position

Programmable Feedrate per Program Step

Uni-Directional Backlash Compensation

User Set/Defined Parameters

Programmable Acceleration/Deceleration

Fractional Angular Positioning

Addressable RS232 Ports

RS232 Direct Move Commands

Diagnostic Display Mode

Accu-Rock RT5C Indexer:

Angular Contact Ball Spindle Bearings

Hardened Alloy Steel Worm

Cast Iron Wormwheel

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Weight 320 lbs

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