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Betenbender 8' x 160 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
Betenbender 8' x 160 Ton Hydraulic Press BrakeBetenbender 8' x 160 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

Betenbender 8′ x 160 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

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SKU: 8' x 160 Ton

Inventory #: 6544

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Product Description

Betenbender 8′ x 160 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

Inventory # 6544

Model: 8′ x 160 Ton

Made in USA


It’s versatile, accurate, rugged, easy to operate and easy to maintain. That’s the way Betenbender makes its press brakes. Each machine features convenient operation for maximum output and ease of maintenance for maximum productivity

Betenbender goes the extra mile to build a press brake that works hard, works accurately and stays that way for years to come


Width of Bed: 5″

Width of Upper Machined Ram: 2 3/4″

Throat Depth: 8″

Open Height: 14″

Closed Height: 6″

Height of Bed: 37″

Distance Between Housing: 78 1/2″

Width of Upper Ram: 3″

Width of Upper End Plates: 50″

Press (IPM): 31″

Rapid Approach (IPM): 68″

Return to Open (IPM): 86″

Hydraulic Pressure: 2,750 PSI

Back Gauge: 24″ Manual Clamp Type, Adjustable X, Y, and Z

Motor: 20 HP / 230v, 460v / 3ph

Standard Features:

Simple and Flexible Controls: Use either a convenient multi-switch control panel or a 3-position fully guarded foot switch

Accuracy: Every Betenbender machine is thoroughly inspected and tested. Parallelism is maintained between bed and ram, or at a preset angle, by using precise automatic leveling controls. Parallelism is maintained at +/- 0.002″ in low speed. The ram bottom reversal point is controlled by precise limit switches referenced off the bed. This isolates housing deflections which can interfere with accuracy. The side situated hand wheel sets the bottom limit of the ram stroke. Micrometer adjustment on the control end allows for tilting or paralleling of the ram. A bed referenced control monitors the actual distance between ram and bed, assuring repeatability independent of die wear or end plate deflection

Versatility: Betenbender’s press brakes have long, full tonnage stroke; adjustable length and selectable speed combinations; adjustable height for short stroke. Two-speed is standard; three-speed with infinitely adjustable low speed is optional. The option prevents sudden whip up of the work during bending operations

Convenient Settings: Readout reads in increments of 0.001″ allowing recorded settings of closed heights

Control: The ram stops at the point of reference and self-levels on every stroke. Main control cabinet enclosures are mounted on the side frame containing magnetic, non-reversing motor, starter and 110/120 volt control circuit

Ram Level: Is accomplished by two hydraulic systems. One for each cylinder, which keeps them parallel. Self-levels at bottom of each stroke even if the hydraulic system is out of adjustment

Safety and Reliability: The control system operates at 110/120 volt using a minimum of circuitry. The system operates predominantly with American made electronics and American made motors

Durability: All steel ends, rams and beds

Standard Equipment:

3 Speed Ram

All Hydraulic Fluids Included

All Steel Construction

American Made Hoses and Fittings

American Made Valves and Motors

Bottom Time Delay

Cylinders are Steel, Double Acting Piston Type with Hardened, Ground and Chromed Rods

Depth Stop with Digital Read Out

Disconnect Switch

Front and Back of Bed Machined Smooth for Mounting of Gauges

Hardened Pins with Spherical Bearings for Alignment

Hour Meter

NEMA Electronics

Three Position Foot Switch by Linemaster

Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions: 123″ x 56 1/2″ x 103″ H

Weight: approx. 19,000 lbs.

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Weight19000 lbs

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