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Baileigh 2" Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Bender, RDB-150
Baileigh 2" Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Bender, RDB-150

Baileigh 2″ Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Bender, RDB-150

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SKU: RDB-150

Inventory #: 2267

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Product Description

Baileigh 2″ Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Bender, RDB-150

Inventory # 2267

Model: RDB-150

Made in USA



Mild Steel:

Solid Rod: 1 1/4″

Pipe (Sch. 40): 2″

Round Tube (Wall): 2 1/2″

Square Tube (Wall): 2″

Stainless Steel:

Pipe (Sch. 40): 1 1/2″

Round Tube (Wall): 2.375″

Chromoly Round Tube (Wall): 2″

Aluminum Round Tube (Wall): 2 1/2″

Min. CLR: .5″

Min. OD: .25″

Max. Center Line Radius: 9 1/2″ CLR

Power: 110 V

Standard Features:

The perfect bender for small to medium fabrication shops

Bends to 180° in one shot

Low pressure industrial grade hydraulic system

Uses standard Baileigh Industrial drop on die sets for fast tooling changes

Replaceable bronze bushings at all pivot points with grease zerks

Degree dial with bend indicator included

Infinite tooling possibilities


This tube bender’s unique design is coupled with a powerful hydraulic pump that reduces production time and improves efficiency

Baileigh tube benders are ideal for hand railings, marine products, racing chassis and roll cages, fences and gates, furniture frames, hydraulics, stainless plumping, and much more

Mechanical Specifications:

Shipping Dimensions: 44″ x 28″ x 42″ H

Shipping Weight: 600 lbs.

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Additional Information

Weight650 lbs

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