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Lucas Precision Universal Milling Head, UHAmi SDHS

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Inventory #: 8238

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Lucas Precision Universal Milling Head, UHAmi SDHS

Inventory # 8238

Model: UHAmi SDHS


The UHAmi SDHS is a universal milling head and therefore changes position in two axes – in axis C by +/- 180° and in axis A by +/- 180° (max. angle in axis C is limited by the length of measuring sensor cable). The head is positioned by the means of 2 servomotors – the positioning is independent from the main headstock spindle. The head can be positioned in both axes simultaneously, without the necessity to stop spindle rotations


Clamping Taper: ISO50 / CAT50 / BT50

Head Rotation: +/- 180°

Clamping of Tools: Hydromechanical

Speed: 10 – 5,000 RPM

Torque: 1,106′ /lbs.

Torque in Axis A: 473 1/2′ /lbs.

Torque in Axis C: 1.07′ /lbs.

Stall Torque in Axis A: 2,485 1/2′ /lbs.

Stall Torque in Axis C: 5,761′ /lbs.

Clamping Force of Tool: 2.2 – 4 1/2 lbs.

Speed of Axis A: 9.1 RPM

Speed of Axis C: 8.5 RPM

A-axis Encoder Accuracy: +/- 3.8″

C-Axis Encoder Accuracy: +/- 3 1/2″

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