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FlexCNC 35′ x 2′ Vertical Machining Center, C-Series 35-02

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    SKU: C-Series 35-02

    Inventory #: 8173

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    FlexCNC 35′ x 2′ Vertical Machining Center, C-Series 35-02

    Inventory # 8173

    Model: C-Series 35-02

    Made in Spain


    The FlexDrill C-Series Vertical Machining Center ranges in size from 10′ to 80′ long, in addition to FlexCNC’s standard sizes, they design and build custom machine to suit your needs. The FlexCNC drills, mills, tap, and bevels large parts in one setup. Available in CT or BT 40 with a max. torque capability of 184′ /lbs. The C-Series features a mono-block, welded steel frame with high rigidity and a t-slot machine bed

    The 12″ color touchscreen is durable and water-resistant, the machine is moved along oversized double-hung precision linear guideways on all axes. The moving parts are self-lubricating on all axes and the machine is spindle driven by a programmable servo-motor. Available in CT or BT 40, and the automatic tool changer can handle up to 30 tools

    The control on the FlexCNC is simple yet powerful, with conversational and ISO G and M-code programming for versatile 3-axis CNC machining along with an optional 4th axis. Equipped with a color touchscreen control, 40 GB of program storage, 50 programmable zero-points, load programs with a USB or through and ethernet connection


    Machine Bed Size: 35′ x 2′

    Available Spindles:

    6,000 RPM Spindle:

    Max. Torque: 52′ /lbs.

    (with 18 HP upgrade: 74′ /lbs.)

    4,000 RPM Spindle:

    Max. Torque: 64′ /lbs.

    (with 18 HP upgrade: 92′ /lbs.)

    3,000 RPM Spindle:

    Max. Torque: 83′ /lbs.

    (with 18 HP upgrade: 123′ /lbs.)

    2,400 RPM Spindle:

    Max Torque: 105′ /lbs.

    (with 18 HP upgrade: 155′ /lbs.)

    2,000 RPM Spindle:

    Max. Torque: 126′ /lbs.

    (with 18 HP upgrade: 184′ /lbs.)

    Rapid Travel Rates:

    Max. Rapid Rate (X): 1,181″ /Min.

    Max. Rapid Rate (Y): 984″ /Min.

    Max. Rapid Rate (Z): 165″ /Min.

    Z-Axis Travel: 16″

    Spindle Nose to Table: 8 3/4″ – 24 3/4″

    Spindle Taper: CT or BT 40

    Standard Features:

    Open T-Slot Machine Bed

    Automatic Tool Calibrator

    Auger Chip Conveyor

    Mobile Light Curtain

    Flood Coolant

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