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Acu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout System
Acu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout SystemAcu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout SystemAcu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout SystemAcu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout SystemAcu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout System

Acu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout System

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Product Description

Acu-Rite DRO203 Digital Readout System

Inventory # 8868

Model: DRO203


The most popular digital readout system in the machine tool marketplace, the DRO203 incorporates 7″ color display technology with versatile software. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Acu-Rite readouts are the first choice of machine tool builders and users alike


Application: Milling, turning, grinding, boring, and general purpose

Axes: 2 or 3 from A to Z

Encoder Inputs: TTL

Display Step:

Adjustable, Max. 7 Digits

Linear Axis: 1mm – 0.0001 mm

Angular Axis: 1° to 0.001°


3 Axes

7″ Color Widescreen

Resolution 800 x 480 Pixels for Position Values, Dialog Messages, Input and Graphic Functions

Status Display:


Reference Point

Operation Function

Feed Rate




Axis Display: Standard

Common Functions:

Job Clock / Stopwatch

Feed Rate Display

Multiple Language Support


Near-Zero Warning with Graphics

Help Function

16 Tool Offsets/Diameter

Preset and Zero Reset

4 Function Calculator/Trip Calculator

Instant Inch/MM Conversion

Position-Trac Home Reference System

Linear/Non-Linear Compensation up to +/- 9,999 ppm

Turning Specific Functions:

Taper Calculator

Radius/Diameter Switching

Freezing the Tool Position for Back-Off

Vectoring: X/Y Display of the Traverse Path with Inclined Top Slide

Milling Specific Functions:

Bolt-Hole Pattern Calculations with Graphics (Full and Partial Circles/Linear Patterns)

Centerline Calculation Establish Workpiece Zero and Midpoints

Cycles: Oblique Line, Circular Arcs; only for milling, drilling, boring circular and linear hole patterns

Error Compensation:

Axis Error: Linear and Non-Linear Over up to 200 Points

Backlash Compensation: for Compensation of Reversal Error

Data Interface: USB 2.0 Type C

For Output of Parameters to a USB Stock or PC

For Input of Parameters, Remote Control of Keys and Commands

Electrical Requirements: AC 100v tp 240v (+/- 10%) 50Hz to 60Hz (+/- 5%) < 33W

Operating Temperature: 0° to 45° C (32° to 113° F)

Mechanical Specifications:

Weight: approx. 5 lbs.

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