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Unist "Coolube" Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricants, 2210EP

Unist “Coolube” Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricants, 2210EP

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SKU: 2210EP

Inventory #: 8394





Product Description

Unist “Coolube” Advanced Metal Cutting Lubricants, 2210EP

Inventory # 8394

Model: 2210EP


These days, “going green” is a concern for many manufacturers and implementing Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) with Unist “Coolube” is an easy step in that direction. MQL is the process of applying minute amounts of high-quality lubricant directly to the cutting tool/work piece interface instead of using traditional flood coolants

MQL minimizes your environmental impact by significantly reducing fluid usage and eliminating the need for coolant treatment and disposal. These benefits are multiplied further when using 100% biodegradable “Coolube” metal cutting lubricants which are formulated from renewable plant-based oils

When considering these facts along with the performance benefits of “Coolube” and MQL, it becomes obvious that this is the future of metal cutting fluid


Ferrous: Yes

Non-Ferrous: Yes (Not Recommended for use on Copper or Brass)

Aluminum: No

Stainless Steel: No

Odor: Sulphur

Appearance: Yellow

Solubility: Insoluble

Flash Point: >400° F

Oxidizing Properties: None

Viscosity: 104° F, 18.5 cSt

Non-Hazardous: Yes

Biobased: Yes (USDA Certified)

Standard Features:

Improves performance and increases life of cutting tools, taps, and saw blades

Increased chip value

No fluid oxidation (stickiness)

No coolant treatment or disposal

Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals

Also works with all non-ferrous metals except copper and brass

Extreme temperature environments (-20° F to 400° F)

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