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Phase-A-Matic PAM-1800HDES Static Phase Converter, 12 - 18 HP
Phase-A-Matic PAM-1800HDES Static Phase Converter, 12 - 18 HP

Phase-A-Matic PAM-1800HDES Static Phase Converter, 12 – 18 HP

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Product Description

Phase-A-Matic PAM-1800HDES Static Phase Converter, 12 – 18 HP

Inventory # 4891

Model: PAM-1800HDES

Made in USA


Phase-a-Matic Static Phase Converters have been developed, tested, and thoroughly proven over a 43 year period demonstrating exceptionally high reliability and long life. These converters are the workhorse of many commercial uses and multitudes of home shop machines


HP Range: 12 – 18 HP

Runs 3ph motors from 1ph / 220v

No more changing motors

Run multiple motors

Simple installation

Full 12 month warranty

Immediate delivery from stock

No more changing motors or switching gears

Add an idler motor to use as a rotary converter

Life Expectancy:

The static converter has been in use for approximately 43 years and has already proven itself to be extremely reliable when properly applied

Phase-a-Matic was recently able to purchase back the first one that was ever sold, and it is still working fine

It is reasonable to expect the converter to be in good working condition and service for 20 or 30 years or more

When to Use a Heavy Duty Series Static Converter:

Lathes above 3 HP not fitted with a clutch

Air Compressors; the motor pulley diameter must also be reduced by 1/3, or a 50% larger motor can be fitted

Long, heavy starting cycles, frequent starting, instant reversing (as in rigid tapping), or unattended motors or equipment

If jogging is required, or is there is a good chance of the motor being stalled during use

Uses Include:

Lathes, mills, grinders, drills, saws

Metalworking and woodworking equipment

Printing equipment, sewing machines

Garbage disposals

Food processing equipment, meat grinders

Food mixers and blenders

Conveyor belts

Plus numerous other uses

Mechanical Specifications:

Shipping Dimensions: 18″ x 12″ x 12″ H

Shipping Weight: approx. 12 lbs.

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Weight15 lbs

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