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Koike Aronson Extreme Portable CNC Cutting Machine, PNC-12
Koike Aronson Extreme Portable CNC Cutting Machine, PNC-12

Koike Aronson Extreme Portable CNC Cutting Machine, PNC-12

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SKU: Pnc-12

Inventory #: 6682





Product Description

Koike Aronson Extreme Portable CNC Cutting Machine, PNC-12

Inventory # 6682

Model: PNC-12


Machine Body:

Effective Cutting Width: 48″ or 60″

Effective Cutting Length: 48″, 96″ or 118″

Rapid Speed: 151 IPM

Cutting Speed: 3 – 118 IPM

Motor: 110v, 230v / 1ph

Head Shield Plate: Provided at Side of the Machine and Oxy-Fuel Torch

Electric Clutch: Quick Release of X and Y Drive

Gas Cutting:

Torch: 1 Set with Motorized Torch Riser

Cutting Tip: 3 Seats Koike 100 Series Tip

Cutting Thickness: 4″ Max.

Plasma Cutting:

Torch Holder: 1 Set with Motorized Torch Riser/Diameter 1 3/8″ / Optional 1 3/4″

Plasma System: Air

Plasma Cable Holder: Internal Type

Height Control: Arc Voltage Control


Operational Panel: 7″ Color LCD

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese and More

Program Input: Manual Data Input or By USB Stick (Up to 16 GB)

Drive: X and Y, 2 Axes Control

Program Format: EIA Format

Shape Library: 45 Patterns

Operation Function: Trial Run, Reverse, Plate Alignment, Mirror, Array

Standard Equipment and Features:

Plasma Cutting Ready: Cut non-ferrous and thin material by adding on a plasma

CNC Controller: Computer controlled technology allows unlimited shape cutting used 45 pre-programmed patters or use of NC code

Performs Various Cuts: Including straight lines, circles, programmed shapes and straight beveling

Light Weight: Can be moved and used just about anywhere

Electric Clutch X and Y: Position machine body and torch; Quickly before and after a cut

Oxy-Fuel Cutting: Limited lifetime torch warranty. Programmable piercing sequence prevents tip damage

Plasma Cutting Package: Includes initial torch height sensor, arc voltage height control, and torch break away

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Optional Equipment:

MPN # 1118019401 – Table with Bottom (Plasma)

MPN # 1118019400 – Table with Bottom (Oxy-Fuel)

Additional Information

Weight4000 lbs

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