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Nothing Faster…The World’s Most Advanced Fiber Laser is Here

Nothing Faster...The World's Most Advanced Fiber Laser is Here

Nothing Faster. Introducing the world’s most advanced and reliable fiber laser to hit the open market. Delivering the highest power (1 to 15 Kilowatts), coupled with the quickest acceleration (6g), and equipped with the fastest material handling (9 seconds). This unmatched,  fiber laser cutting line by Eagle Group is European made. They are considered one of the pioneers of fiber laser, as an R&D partner with IPG since 2006. Eagle partners with the best component suppliers in the industry, using Beckhoff control systems, IPG fiber lasers, Renishaw motion measurement, and Festo pneumatic technology.

Available from Norman Machine Tool, this fiber cutting laser line is backed by comprehensive service and support. With quarterly free visits for routine service and production analysis, gives end-users the ease of mind and preventative maintenance to make sure your machine has minimal to no down time. Eagle is service about service, and offers a service-tech guarantee, next day for a critical need or they will pay you $1,000.00 each day late.

Machines start at $500k, delivering unmatched return on investments, here’s why:

Nothing Faster...The World's Most Advanced Fiber Laser is Here

Full System with Twin Towers

1) Highest Power – 1 to 15 kW are available. Increasing power not only cuts faster and thicker, but also significantly drops the cost per part. More Power = More Profit

2) Quickest Acceleration: Most fiber lasers have 1 to 2, maybe 3 G acceleration. Eagle has 6G acceleration coupled with 13,780 ipm top speed. All corners and rapid traverse moves are faster, reducing cycle times on all parts. Carbon fiber bridge sits on a polymer granite base and is driven by ultra-fast linear motors. Produce Parts Faster.

3) Fastest Pallet Change: A machine that cuts this fast should not sit idle while the pallets are exchanged. Most fiber laser machines have hydraulically driven pallet changers that waste 25 to 60 second per change. Eagle’s integrated servo driven pallet changer takes only 9 seconds. In addition, Eagle has a full line of material handling automation and storage towers.

Eagle offers (3) fiber laser models to meet the markets needs. The iNspire, eVision, and eSmart. However, Eagle does not stop there, with comprehensive insight to every specific need, Eagle offers a customized model for non-standard sizes, to suit individual production needs.

Nothing Faster...The World's Most Advanced Fiber Laser is Here

eVision series

  • Efficient: The iNspire cutting machines are the most advanced and productive machines in the world. The Flagship* product is designed for the most demanding mass production applications. Achieving cutting speeds of 5,905 inches/min and acceleration of 6G. This model delivers the best quality, precision, cutting efficiency, and reliability. The iNspire systems are available with 1 to 15 kW fiber lasers.
  • Universal: The eVision laser cutting machines are an excellent solution for diverse production of large and small product batches. With the same matched cutting speeds as the iNspire (5,905 inches/min), the acceleration drops slightly to 3G. The eVision systems are available with 1 to 15 kW fiber lasers.
  • Economic: The eSmart laser cutting machines are an economical choice for those who need trouble free, simple to use, laser cutting machines without compromising quality. Providing great performance, the cutting speeds achieve up to 3,937 inches/min and acceleration of 2G. The eSmart systems are available with 1 to 6 kW fiber lasers.

    Nothing Faster...The World's Most Advanced Fiber Laser is Here

    eSmart Series

These flat-stock fiber lasers cut any metal. Contact Norman Machine Tool for an in-depth application analysis, and let us provide you cycle times off your DXF files or ours and you’ll see the immediate difference. Set up a consultation today to see what an Eagle fiber laser can do to help drive profitability in your shop.

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