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Marvel Spartan 10" x 11" Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, PA-10

Inventory # 7290-P

Model: PA-10

S/n: DPA 100331



Rectangular: 10” x 11”

Round: 10”

Feed Force:  0-300 lbs (infinitely variable)

Automatic Bar Feed Length: 43”

Automatic Bar Feed Load Capacity: 5,600 lbs

Automatic Bar Feed Travel Index: 16”

Automatic Bar Feed Indexes: 9x

Blade Size: 11’6” x 1 1/2” x 0.035”

Blade Speed: 70-278  sfpm (infinitely variable)

Coolant Capacity:  15 gallon

Hydraulic Capacity: 13 gallon

Blade Guides: Roller Bearing / Carbide

Work Height: 23”

Motor: 3 hp / 220 v / 3 ph

Standard Features:

Operator’s Control Panel:
Is conveniently located on the front of the machine and offers full control of all machine functions

Piece Counter:
The machine will stop the automatic cycle when the pre-set number of cuts has been reached

Out-of-Stock Switch: The machine will shut off automatically when material is no longer present in the rear vise

Fast Approach: Work height is automatically set allowing the head to rise just enough to clear the workpiece, reducing cycle time and allowing for faster cutting performance

Blade Guides: Roller bearings and carbide

Full Stroking Hydraulic Vise Jaws: The front vise jaws are split to reduce the remnant to as little as 2”.  The split vise jaws also help to reduce burrs left on the material and are ideal for bundle cutting. Holding the workpiece on both sides of the blade reduces vibration, providing more accurate cuts and longer blade life

Mechanical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 77" L x 80" W x 70" H

Overall Weight: approx. 2,750 lbs.

New Replacement Price: $25,950.00

Price: $11,500.00

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