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Weatherhead Super I "Coll-O-Crimp" Hydraulic Hose Crimper, by Eaton

Inventory # 7236

Model: Super I "Coll-O-Crimp"


The Coll-O-Crimp Super I is a versatile machine ideal for your shop, factory, construction or mine locations

Big capacity combined with lever activated crimping gives you wide coverage and a quick and simple way to make factory quality hose assemblies


Capacity: 3/16" I.D. fiber braid through 1" 6-Spiral Hose,

Capacity can reach 1 1/4" with purchase of (T-420-7C 1 1/4" Collet)

Assorted Nylon Hose Collet Kit Includes:

T-400-3C: 3/8"

T-400-32C: 5/16"

T-400-31C: 1/4"

T-400-36C: 1/2"

T-400-36C: 1"

T-400-33C: 3/8"QUO

T-400-2C: 1/4"

T-400-4C: 1/2"

T-400-3C: 3/4"

T-400-64C: 5/8"

Miscellaneous Hose Fittings

Hydraulic System

Standard Features:

Minimizes training and mistakes

Crimps most any hose and fitting style

Fast setup time

Simplified crimping

Minimal maintenance

Easy hose insertion

Fast cycle time

Easy to see work

Minimum cycle distance & time

Other collets are available for this crimper

Mechanical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 12" L x 23 1/2" W x 24" H (Crimper)

Overall Weight: 260 lbs. (Crimper)

Overall Dimensions: 22" L x 10" W x 7 1/2" H (Hydraulic Pump)

Overall Weight: 75 lbs. (Hydraulic Pump)

New Replacement Cost: $9,000.00

Special Price: $4,950.00

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