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NEW Willis Solberga 25" Drill Press with Powerfeed, SE2035PW

Inventory # 7233

Model: SE2035PW


Drill to Center of Circle: 25"

Drilling Capacity: 1.4”

Spindle Speeds: 90 – 3,610 (8 speeds)

Powerfeed Rates (4): 0.004 - 0.012 "/rev

Spindle Taper: #4 MT

Column Diameter: 5”

Quill Diameter: 2 7/16"

Spindle Travel: 6”

Throat Depth: 12.6”

Max. Distance Spindle to Table: 32”

Vertical Travel "OD" Drill Head: 7"

Table Size: 16” x 20”

Spindle Motor: 2.2 hp (low speed) / 3 hp (high speed)

Voltage: 240v or 460v / 3 ph
(Please specify voltage requirements, this is a non-dual voltage)

Standard Features:

Drill Head - The drill head is adjustable through 360° around the column and can be elevated and lowered

Gearbox - Helical gears combined with steel gears against reinforced fiber gears in the main gear box ensures higher operating efficiency, a more powerful drive mechanism and smooth operation. The noise level is reduced and maintenance on the gearbox is reduced to a minimum. The 8 spindle speeds are easily selected by changing two handles

Spindle - The spindle is made of steel with the lower spindle bearing being located as near to the lower part of the spindle as possible ensuring greater precision and rigidity even in milling operations. It is further adjustable by the journals in the bearings, which guarantees very small tolerances. The spindle is fitted with a counterbalanced tension spring and is adjustable depending on the weight of the tool and can be locked when carrying out milling operations

Powerfeed - The powerfeed for the SE 2035PW is fitted with an automatic overload protection that comes into operation as soon as the pressure becomes too high. When the overload is reduced the feed is automatically reengaged

Table - The machine is fitted with a high quality cast iron rectangular table 16” x 20” table with T-slots and coolant channel

Column - The column is constructed of steel, which ensures extra rigidity of the machine, giving accurate precision and minimum deviation from the stipulated angle between the drill and the table

Base Plate - The base plate has a machined surface complete with T-slots and coolant channel

Safety - The machine is supplied with thermal overload switch, no-volt release and emergency stop

Mechanical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 20" L x 22 1/2" W x 70.27" H

Overall Weight: approx. 650 lbs

Price On Request

FOB Factory

Optional Models:

SE2035: Standard floor model drilling machine, manual feed

Standard floor model drilling machine, ELECTROMAGNETIC power feed and auto reversing package

Optional Accessories:

Automatic reversing package (SE2030, SE2035, SE2040)

Foot operated reversing switch (all models)

Coolant package (all models)



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