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NEW Rozzelli 3 HP Dust and Chip Industrial Vacuum, 400 - MPR - 403

Inventory # 7215

Model: 400 - MPR - 403


This is a midrange in the Rozzelli’s range of vacuums, and is used for collecting chips from any machine size, as well as for generic cleaning, like floors and machine surfaces in all kinds of work environments

This chip collection vacuum systems are used to collect aluminum chips, PVC chips and all other kinds of metal chips and dust

It also can be used as an integrated part of your machine operation for continuous suction 24/7 during the machine operation


Power: 3 HP / 2.2 KW

Voltage: 220-660 V, 60 Hz

Water Lift: 282 mmH20

Pressure: -0.4 PSI / 30 mbar

Air Flow: 1030 CFM / 1750 M3/H

Inlet Size: 100mm to 250mm

Noise Level: 80 DB(A)

Container Size: 27 Gallons / 100 Liters

Overall Weight: 222 lbs.


Container capacity 100 liter / 27 gallon

High working performance with heavy-duty cycle

Designed and assembled in Italy

Unit structure made from 12 gauge rolled steel

Extra durable powder coating on the entire unit

Quick release collection container with its own wheels

Units are supplied with turbine or centrifugal fans

Suction inlets come in a variety of sizes, from 100mm- 300mm

Noise level from 75db to 85db

Integrated pneumatic piston, shaking the filter for ultimate filter cleaning

Voltage power 220 to 660 volt 3 phase 60 Hz. (220V standard)

Visual tank filling window

Non-marking rubber wheels with parking break

Explosion Proof

With optional attachments, this chip collection devices will be able to start and stop with your choice of machine, as needed, with the use of a special electrical kit or by remote control device to start and stop the machine

Equipment Included:

One Outlet Connection Sleeve 100mm

One PVC Flex Tube 100mm 3 Meters Long

External Exhaust and Silencer

Four Wheel Trolley

Price: $4,590.00

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