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NEW Roper Whitney 10'  x 16 Gauge CNC Autobrake with 40" Backgauge

Inventory # 7168

Model: AB1016


Bending Capacity:

Mild Steel: 16 gauge

Stainless Steel: 20 gauge

Max. Bending length: 122"

Bending bars: 0.787", 0.390", 0.250"

Backgauge depth: 39.37"

Clamping beam opening: 4 1/2" H

Clamping beam straight bar tooling: 30 degrees

Folding beam adjustment: 2"

Crowning of the folding beam: 5 - point 0" - .030" adjustment

Working height: 35"

Backgauge servo motor: 3/4 hp

Clamping beam motor: 1.5 hp

Bending beam motor: 1.5 hp


Provides accuracy and repeatability when forming up to 10' long 16 gauge or lighter materials

It is a high speed solution to make multiple bends while maintaining a high quality level in the end product

The Synergy control offers high speed versatility to an end user. It offers multiple methods of programming from simple line-by-line to draw-to-auto program

The Autobrake design is a plate and weldment steel construction, delivering superior performance and features in a simplified rigid design

Clamping and hemming capabilities come standard and are already included in the software. Clamping and hemming power is delivered to the clamp jaws by a series of spring washers to provide variable clamping pressures with a shock-absorbing end stop

Mechanical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 155" L x 56" W x 60" H

Overall Weight: approx. 6,900 lbs.

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