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NEW Ercolina GB100SCNC 20' 6 - Axis Mandrel Bender

Inventory # 7166

Model: GB100SCNC - 6


Ideal for bending tube, pipe, square and rectangular profiles to a center line radius as tight as 1.5 diameter.

Large radii tooling is available to 15.7" CLR


Max. Tube Capacity:

Mild steel: 4 3/4" (.196 wall)

Stainless: 4 3/4" (.150 wall)

Square Tube: 4" (.138 wall)

Min. Tube Capacity: 1"

Max. Pipe Capacity - A36: 3" Sch. 40

Max. Bending Radius: 15.7"

Min. Bending Radius: 1.5" x Ø

Max. Material Length: 20'

Hydraulic Clamping: (KST) Clam Shell

(C Axis) Rotation / Bend Angle: CW / 0° - 180°

(B Axis) Bend Plane Rotation, (Y1 Axis) Distance Between Bends:

Auto Positioning with digital display

(X2) Pressure Die Linear Travel, (Y2) Pressure Die In-Feed:

Programmable with digital readout

Number of programs: Unlimited with USB

Hydraulic Reservoir: 40 gal.

Motor: 21 hp @ 480 v / 3 ph

Standard Features:

Interactive PLC touch screen offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes, system diagnostics and multiple language capability

Programmable bend angles with independent material springback setting for each bend

Programmable auto mandrel positioning allows operator to optimize extraction for improved bend quality

Programmable clamping, pressure die and boost movements with manual override

USB for unlimited program memory storage and communication

Precision encoders on each axis

Programmable tailstock interference zone monitors position and eliminates workhead collision

Accepts YBC and XYZ input values

High capacity hydraulic reservoir with automatic cooling system

Heavy steel structure provides rigid platform and minimizes vibration

Hand-held remote bending control, certified class 3 safety and all electrical components UL, CSA and CE approved

Mechanical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 55" x 51" x 298"

Overall Weight: approx. 7,200 lbs.

Price on Request

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