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KIA V25P CNC Vertical Machining Center with Fanuc Series 0MC Control

Inventory # 7032

Model: V25P

S/n: KV25122 "1999"

Made in Korea


Run Time: 7,628 hours


X-Axis Travel (Longitudinal): 16.5"

Y-Axis Travel (Cross): 11"

Table Dimension: 25.6" x 11.8"

Distance between spindle nose and table top: 7.9" x 22.8"

Distance between spindle center and column front: 15.4"

Spindle Head:

Z-Axis Travel (Vertical): 15"

Spindle Taper: N.T. #30

Spindle Speed Change: Stepless

Spindle Speed: 80 - 8,000 rpm


Least increment: 0.0001"

Cutting feed rate: 0.01 - 394"/min.

Rapid Travers: X, Y-Axis: 1,181"/min.; Z-Axis:945"/min.

Motor: 10 hp/ 220v/ 3 ph

Equipment Included:

Fanuc Series 0MC Control

LNS Turbo 5473-8162 Chip Conveyor

Total Splash Guard

Leveling Sheet & Bolt

Slideway Cover

Chip Box

Coolant Tank

Call light

Rigid Tapping Device

Work Light

Assorted Tooling

Standard Features:

Bed: The bed has high stiffness design and each slideway has its construction. The slideway is constructed with extremely low frictional resistance

Saddle: Saddle is assigned on bed and moves left & right along the high accurate linear motion guide by ball screw

Column: The column is on the saddle and moves back and forth along L.M guide by ball screw, and spindle head is in structure to move up and down along L.M. guide of vertical column

Spindle Head: The spindle head is designed and manufactured ideal configuration of its nose to make convenient to access by the operator. The spindle head contains the axis motor and coupling by direct connection and designed as high accuracy as to minimize vibration or noise

Table: The table is fixed to the bed and 3 T-groove on the table is processed so that it may be standard the tool is to be attached

Feed Gear Boxes: The machine has three feed gear boxes; they are arranged at the rear of the bed, column top and right lateral side of the saddle

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
: The automatic tool changer is mounted on an arm protruding from column lateral side. The ATC is designed to perform tool change while the spindle head is positioned at -100mm position from the Z-Axis upper stroke limit (ATC reference point)

Mechanical Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: 65" L x 111" W x 95" H

Overall Weight: 5,500 lbs.

New Replacement Cost: $69,000.00

Special Price: $24,500.00

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