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NEW Moderne Electronique Digit2000 Digital Backgauge Indicator

Inventory # 6819

Model: Digit2000 MEGR 2050

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Works with press brakes, shears, and any other backgauge system

The perfect solution for replacing an old or broken backgauge read-out

Works as an upgrade to an analog backgauge read-out

Max measuring range 50”

Obtain a precise readout on your existing equipment

Easy, fast and non critical installation in less than an hour

Will fit to all systems with or without motorized backgauge

Eliminates inaccurate readings

Reduces material waste


Max. Reading Speed: 4’ (1.2m) in 1 sec

Motor: 9V DC 500MA (Adapter included)

Standard measuring range (megr2050): up to 48”

Optional measuring range(megr20120): up to 120”

Reading in inches, fractions and metric reading at the touch of a button

Zero setting at any point

Operation: DC 9 V 

Accurate to: 0.01“ (regardless of lead screw wear)

Dimensions: 6 ½" x 3 ½" x 1 ½”

Weight: 1 lb.

Equipment Included:


AC Adapter


Price: $795.00

FOB Factory

Other Models Available*

Megr2060: Max measuring range 60”
(List Price: $895.00)

Megr2070: Max measuring range 70”
(List Price: $995.00)

Megr2080: Max measuring range 80”
(List Price: $1,095.00)

Megr2090: Max measuring range 90”
(List Price: $1,195.00)

Megr20100: Max measuring range 100”
(List Price: $1,295.00)

Megr20120: Max measuring range 120”
(List Price: $1,250.00)



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