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Item # Product Type Manufacturer Model Short Description Thumbnail
7358CNC MILLS (ALL)HAASVF-OEHaas VF-OE 3-Axis Vertical Machining Center
7356PARTS WASHERALKOTA412Alkota Heated Spray Parts Washer
7354BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONNATIONALU-4812National 48" x 12 Gauge Box and Pan Brake
7349METAL LATHELODGE & SHIPLEYRXE-2516Lodge & Shipley 26" x 144" Engine Lathe
7348CRAIN, FLOORGORBELWSJ-360-NP6-250-7-8.5Gorbel Workstation 250 lb. Jib Crane, 7 ft Hub, 8.5 ft Span
7347PALLET JACKYALES25P27-48PPYale 2,500 lb. Manual Hand-Operated Lift Truck, S25P27-48PP
7345SURFACE PLATEBROWN & SHARPE24" x 36"Brown & Sharpe 24" x 36" Black Granite Surface Plate, 2 Ledges
7344SPOT WELDERSCIAKYPMC04ST-150-36Sciaky 150 KVA Spot Welder
7343SPOT WELDERPEERP-50Peer 100 KVA Spot Welder, P-50
7342GRINDERFEIN-GRITGI150 / GILFein “Grit” GI150 6” Industrial Belt Grinder with GIL Longitudinal Surface Grinder Attachment
7341GRINDERFEIN-GRITGI150 / GILFein “Grit” GI150 6” Industrial Belt Grinder with GIL Longitudinal Surface Grinder Attachment
7339BELT GRINDERJANCYGB075SJancy-Slugger 3" Belt Grinder with Dust Collector, GB075S
7338VERTICAL MILLSGMCGMM-1054VTGMC 10" x 54" Taiwan Vertical Milling Machine with 2-Axis DRO, X-Axis Power Feed, GMM-1054VT
7337LATHEWILLIS2280Willis 22" x 80" CNC Lathe with Siemens Control, 2280
7336MISCELLANEOUSQUALITYQualityQuality Armature Winder
7335MAGNETIC DRILLSFEINJHM 4x4Fein Slugger 4" x 4" Portable Magnetic Drill, JHM 4x4
7334AIRBALTECRN281BalTec 12 mm Pneumatic Radial Riveter, RN281
7331MISCELLANEOUSRFL INDUSTRIES, MAGNETIC INSTRUMENTATION747-10RFL Industries by Magnetic Instrumentation 747-10 Magnetic Charger
7330BELT GRINDERFEINGIMS 150Fein 6" x 79" Adjustable "Mobile Carriage" Belt Grinder, GIMS 150
7328BENDER: POWER & MANUALJANCYJB2400Jancy 2" Tube & Pipe Bender, JB2400
7327BENDER: POWER & MANUALJANCYJB2400Jancy 2" Tube & Pipe Bender, JB2400
7326BELT GRINDERJANCYGB0100SJancy 4" Belt Grinder with Dust Collector, GB010S
7324AIR COMPRESSORKAESERCS76Kaeser 282 CFM 60 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/ Sigma Control, CS76
7323MACHINING CENTERHAASVF-OEHaas VF-OE 3-Axis Vertical Machining Center
7321SHEARPEXTO10-U-10APexto 10' x 3/16” - 10 Gauge Mechanical Power Squaring Shear
7317METAL LATHELODGE & SHIPLEYAVS 2013Lodge & Shipley 21" x 54" Engine Lathe
7313SHEARSTANDARD INDUSTRIALAS500-10Standard Industrial 10' x 1/2" Hydraulic Shear w/ Front Operated Backgauge
7306SHEARCINCINNATI1810Cincinnati 10' x 1/4" Mechanical Shear w/ Front Operated Power Backgauge
7297THREADING, BOLT&PIPEAPTYC-30Yieh-Chen APT YC-30 Thread Roller
7294PRESS BRAKES, HYDRAULIC, AIR, MECHANICALDI-ACRO16-96Di-Acro 8' x 35 Ton Hydra-Mechanical Press Brake w/ Programmable Backgauge
7293AIR COMPRESSORJOHN WOOD CO.203-HD172John Wood Co. 15 HP Horizontal Air Compressor
7292SECOND OPERATION LATHEHARDINGEVBSHardinge 9" x 36" VBS Second Operation Lathe
7290HORIZONTALMARVELPA-10Marvel Spartan 10" x 11" Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, PA-10
7286SURFACE: HAND & AUTOMATIC GRINDERBRIDGEPORT815Bridgeport 8" x 15" Hand Feed Surface Grinder
7285VIBRATORY FINISHING MACHINE & MEDIARAMPEDouble BarrelRampe Double Barrel Tumbler Machine
7284ABRASIVE CUT-OFFEVERETT10" Abrasive Cut-OffEverett 10" Abrasive Cut-Off Saw with Stand
7283MANUAL & POWER ROLLSQUALITY22 GaugeQuality 30" x 22 Gauge Manual Slip Roll
7281NOTCHERUNINOTCHN225/4Uni-Notch N225 Hydraulic Notcher
7279ARBORGREENERD#30Greenerd 3 Ton Lever Type Arbor Press
7278PUNCHHECK INDUSTRIES3C Trace-A-PunchHeck Industries 1/8" Trace-A-Punch Model 3C
7277BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONCHICAGOW30Chicago 3' x 14 Gauge Box and Pan Brake
7275SECOND OPERATION LATHEHARDINGEDV-59Hardinge Model DV-59 Precision Second Operation Turret Lathe
7274SPOT WELDERACE47-SSAce 5 KVA Spot Welder
7273TURRET LATHECLAUSING1500Clausing 1500-Series 14" x 48" Powerfeed Turret Lathe
7271BELT & DISCPOWERMATIC30APowermatic 30A 6" Belt/12" Disc Combination Sander
7269HONING MACHINESUNNENMBB-1660DSunnen MBB-1660D Honing Machine
7267CNC / TURNING CENTERSHARDINGEHLV-HHardinge HLVH 11" x 18" Super Precision Toolroom Lathe
7266METAL LATHECLAUSING15"Clausing 15" x 50" Engine Lathe
7265DRILL PRESSES-SINGLE SPINDLE STRANDSRS25Strands 16" Geared Head Drill Press
7264BELT GRINDERBADER1004A "Space Saver Series”Bader Belt Grinder & Polishing Machine
7263BELTTIMESAVER137-1HDMTimesaver 37" Single Head Wide Belt Sander
7262VERTICAL MILLSBRIDGEPORTSeries 1Bridgeport Series-1 Vertical Milling Machine w/ X-Axis Powerfeed
7261VERTICAL MILLSBRIDGEPORTSeries 1Bridgeport Series-1 Vertical Milling Machine w/ Acu-Rite DRO
7260VERTICAL MILLSBRIDGEPORTSeries 1Bridgeport Series-1 Vertical Milling Machine
7259VERTICAL MILLSBRIDGEPORTSeries 1Bridgeport Series-1 Vertical Milling Machine w/ T & O DRO
7258VERTICAL MILLSBRIDGEPORTSeries 1Bridgeport Series-1 Vertical Milling Machine w/ X-Axis Powerfeed
7253TOOL GRINDERK.O. LEEBA960BBK.O. Lee Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder
7252SURFACE: HAND & AUTOMATIC GRINDERELLIOTT921Elliott 9” x 21”; 2-Axis Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Surface Grinder
7246POWER SQUARING SHEARROPER WHITNEY10M14NEW Roper Whitney 10' x 14 Gauge Mechanical Shear, 10M14
7245BENDER: POWER & MANUALGMCSBR-5216NEW GMC 52" x 16 Gauge. 3-in-1 Shear-Brake-Roll, SBR-5216
7244HORIZONTALHYD-MECH S-20Hyd-Mech S-20 13" Horizontal Band Saw
7243ANGLE & RING ROLLERCOLINACE60H3NEW Ercolina 3" Hydraulic Angle Roll Section Bender
7242MAGNETIC DRILLSNITTO KOHKIWA-3500NEW Nitto Kohki WA-3500 1 3/8" x 2" Capacity Atra Ace Semi-Automatic Feed Magnetic Drill
7241MAGNETIC DRILLSNITTO KOHKIUOJ-5500NEW Nitto Kohki UOJ-5500 2 3/16" x 3" Capacity Atra Ace Manual Feed Magnetic Drill
7240MAGNETIC DRILLSNITTO KOHKIUOJ-3500NEW Nitto Kohki UOJ-3500 1 3/8" x 2" Capacity Atra Ace Manual Feed Magnetic Drill
7238PRESS BRAKES, HYDRAULIC, AIR, MECHANICALADIRA QHD-5020Adira 55 Ton Down Acting Hydraulic Press Brake
7237IRONWORKERSSCOTCHMAN5014 TMScotchman 5014 TM 50 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker
7236HOSE CRIMPERWEATHERHEAD BY EATONSuper I "Coll-O-Crimp"Weatherhead Super I "Coll-O-Crimp" Hydraulic Hose Crimper, by Eaton
7235MILLING HEADCHEVALIER1830MBNEW Chevalier 40 Taper Spindle 5 Hp Mill Head
7233DRILL PRESSES-SINGLE SPINDLE WILLISSE2035PWNEW Willis Solberga 25" Drill Press with Powerfeed, SE2035PW
7232IRONWORKERSSCOTCHMAN5014 ETNEW Scotchman 5014ET 50 Ton 7-Station Hydraulic Ironworker
7231BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONGMCHBB-1214NEW GMC HBB-1214 Heavy Duty 12' x 14 ga. Hydraulic Box and Pan Brake
7230BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONGMCHBB-0410NEW GMC HBB-0410 Heavy Duty 4' x 10" Hydraulic Box and Pan Brake
7228BENDER: POWER & MANUALHOSSFELDNo. 2Hossfeld No. 2 Tube & Pipe Bender w/ Hydraulic Cylinder
7223IRONWORKERSCLEVELAND60 TonCleveland Steel 60 Ton 4-Station Hydraulic Ironworker - Built by Edwards Ironworkers
7219HORIZONTALDOALLC-260ADoAll 10" x 12" Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, C-260A
7218DUST COLLECTOR & MIST / SMOKE COLLECTORROZZELLI770 - 400 - MPR - 403NEW Rozzelli 3 HP Industrial Metal Chip Collection System for CNC Working Tables, 770 - 400 - MPR - 403
7217DUST COLLECTOR & MIST / SMOKE COLLECTORROZZELLI600 - 400 - MPR - 453NEW Rozzelli 5.5 HP Industrial Metal Chip Collection System, 600 - 400 - MPR - 453
7216DUST COLLECTOR & MIST / SMOKE COLLECTORROZZELLI500 - MPR - 403NEW Rozzelli 3 HP Dust and Chip Industrial Vacuum, 500 - MPR - 403
7215DUST COLLECTOR & MIST / SMOKE COLLECTORROZZELLI400 - MPR - 403NEW Rozzelli 3 HP Dust and Chip Industrial Vacuum, 400 - MPR - 403
7214DUST COLLECTOR & MIST / SMOKE COLLECTORROZZELLI300 - 1.5 - 1200NEW Rozzelli 2 HP Dust and Chip Industrial Vacuum, 300 - 1.5 - 1200
7213VISEKURTHD690NEW Kurt HD690 6" "Pull Type" Vise, 9" Opening
7211VISEKURTHDL6JNEW Kurt HDL6J 6" Double Lock Manual Vise w/ Hard Jaw Kit
7210VISEKURTD810NEW Kurt D810 8" Manual Vise
7209VISEKURT3600VNEW Kurt 3600V 6" VersatileLock Vise
7208VISEKURTD60-4-SANew Kurt Swivel Base For D60, D675, and D688 Vises, D60-4-SA
7207VISEKURTDX6NEW Kurt DX6™ Crossover™ Precision Machine Vise
7193CNC MILLS (ALL)LAGUNGBR-4NEW Lagun GBR-4 Moving Table Machining Center
7192WIRE EQUIPMENTQUALITY0.720"Quality 1000 ft 1 x 7 Galvanized Steel Strand/Wire Cable
7190IRONWORKERSUNI-HYDROST56 "Super Turret"NEW Uni-Hydro 56 Ton 10-Station Ironworker
7176HORIZONTAL, MITERELLIS1100NEW Ellis 8" Horizontal Double Miter Swivel Head Band Saw
7174SURFACE: HAND & AUTOMATIC GRINDERCHEVALIERFSG-2A1224HChevalier FSG-2A1224H 12” x 24”; High Precision 2-Axis Semi-Automatic Surface Grinder
7173METAL LATHEGMCGT-2680NEW GMC 26" x 80" Precision Gap Bed Lathe
7172BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONROPER WHITNEYAB1014NEW Roper Whitney 10' x 14 Gauge CNC Autobrake with 61" Backgauge
7171BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONROPER WHITNEYAB1214NEW Roper Whitney 12' x 14 Gauge CNC Autobrake
7170BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONROPER WHITNEYAB1011KNEW Roper Whitney 10' x 11 Gauge CNC Autobrake with 61" Backgauge
7169BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONROPER WHITNEYAB1009KNEW Roper Whitney 10' x 9 Gauge CNC Autobrake with 61" Backgauge
7168BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONROPER WHITNEYAB1016NEW Roper Whitney 10' x 16 Gauge CNC Autobrake with 40" Backgauge
7166BENDER: POWER & MANUALERCOLINAGB100SCNC - 6NEW Ercolina GB100SCNC 20' 6 - Axis Mandrel Bender
7162CNC MILLS (ALL)ACER1454ENEW Acer 1454E 14" x 54" CNC Bed Mill w/ Fagor 8055i CNC Control
7161CNC MILLS (ALL)ACER1454 IINEW Acer 1454 II 14" x 54" CNC Bed Mill w/ Rigid Head & Fagor 8055i CNC Control
7160METAL LATHEGMCGML-1767TNEW GMC GML-1767T 17" x 67" High Precision Gap Bed Lathe
7159POWER SQUARING SHEARACCURSHEARB850010Accurshear 10' x 1/2" Hydraulic Shear w/ Front Operated Backgauge
7158PRESS BRAKES, HYDRAULIC, AIR, MECHANICALPACIFIC70-10Pacific 70 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
7156VERTICAL BANDSAWGROB1634Grob 36" Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw
7153WELDERKOIKE ARONSONZA4011103NEW Koike Aronson/Ransome Handy Auto Professional Cutting Torch Kit
7152DRILL PRESSES-SINGLE SPINDLE CLEEREMAN28"Cleereman 28" Round Column Drill Press
7145TOOLS AND EQUIPMENTJOBOX671990Jobox Jobsite Steel Storage Box, 671990
7144MISCELLANEOUSUNI PUNCHPP-12120, 5019-120UniPunch 10 ft T-Slotted Plate w/ Ram Plate, T-Slotted Plates, Ram Plate
7143BEVELERHECK INDUSTRIESVA-400NEW Heck Industries VA-400 Variable Angle Bench Beveler, 3/16" Maximum Bevel
7139PINSPOTTERDURANTRH-Mach IIDuro Dyne RH Mach II Rolling Head Automatic Pinspotter
7136MACHINING CENTERHAASVF-2Haas VF-2 Vertical 3-Axis CNC Machining Center
7132WELDER, MIG - TIGMILLERDeltaweld 450Miller Deltaweld 450 w/ XR Control Aluminum Wire Feeder & D-52D Steel Wire Feeder
7128HORIZONTALPEERLESSHB-711APeerless HB-711A 10" Automatic Horizontal Band Saw
7127IRONWORKERSMARVELMSIW126DNEW Marvel Spartan MSIW126D 126 Ton Ironworker
7126BEVELERHECK INDUSTRIES9000NEW Heck Industries 9000 Bevel-Mill Plate Beveler, 1 1/4" Maximum Bevel
7125BEVELERHECK INDUSTRIES7000NEW Heck Industries 7000 Bevel-Mill Plate Beveler, 3/8" Maximum Bevel
7124BEVELERHECK INDUSTRIES5000NEW Heck Industries 5000 Bevel-Mill Plate Beveler, 5/16" Maximum Bevel
7123BEVELERHECK INDUSTRIES4000NEW Heck Industries 4000 Bevel-Mill Plate Beveler, 3/4" Maximum Bevel
7122PNEUMATIC TOOLSHECK INDUSTRIES3000NEW Heck Industries 3000 Bevel-Mill Plate Beveler, 3/16" Maximum Bevel
7121BENDER: POWER & MANUALTENNSMITHCB18Tennsmith 18" x 20 Gauge Cleatbender, CB18
7119UNI-PUNCH/STRIPPIT PUNCH UNITSUNI PUNCHB SeriesUniPunch C-Frame Round Punches & Dies, (Assorted Lot)
7116BRAKE: MANUAL HAND & POWER APRONROPER WHITNEY816Roper Whitney "Connecticut" 8' x 16 Gauge Apron Brake, 816
7099PRESSDENISONM009A12A59A46501C85Denison "MultiPress" 4 Ton Hydraulic Gap Frame Press
7090TOOL GRINDERCUTTERMASTERHDT-30CutterMaster HDT-30 End Mill & Tool Sharpener
7089MACHINING CENTERKITAMURAMyCenter1Kitamura MyCenter1 CNC Drilling Center
7085MISCELLANEOUSBALLYMORESPL-9-14Ballymore 9 Step x 24" Wide "Staircase" Safety Ladder
7080DRILL PRESSES-SINGLE SPINDLE DAYTON3Z993Dayton 12" Bench Model Drill Press
7079MISCELLANEOUSSALTER BRECKNELLDC SB4848-05Salter Brecknell 4' x 4' 5,000 lb Pegasus Digital Floor Scale
7078SHEET METAL NOTCHERROPER WHITNEYNo. 100Roper Whitney No. 100 Model 6" x 16 ga. Notcher
7077RADIAL ARMCRAFTSMAN113-196321Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw
7071IRONWORKERSSCOTCHMAN5' x 24"Scotchman 5' x 24" Conveyor with Support Arms for Ironworker
7069HYDRAULIC & AIRCURTIS225TCurtis 225 Ton 4-Post Hydraulic Press
7068METAL LATHEWILLISST 1440NEW Willis 14" x 40" Geared Head Precision Lathe
7062ROTARY TABLETSUDAKOMARNCV-301 LTsudakoma RNCV-301 L 12" 4th-Axis Rotary Table
7057TAPPING MACHINE/HEAD/CONTROLELECTRO ARC2M-SAElectro Arc 2M-SA Metal Disintegrator w/ Magnetic Base for Portable Operation
7056SPOT WELDERALPHILAR1Alphil 50 KVA Press Type Spot Welder
7054PRESS BRAKES, HYDRAULIC, AIR, MECHANICALPACIFICJ90-10Pacific J90-10 10' x 90 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake with Hurco Backgauge
7047STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINEORIONL77/145Orion L77 Series Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping System
7046GRINDER-CYLINDRICALSUPER TECG20P-50 CNCSuperTec G20P-50 8" x 20" CNC Cylindrical Grinder w/ Fanuc Series O-GC Control
7045CNC / TURNING CENTERSHWACHEONCutex-240AHwacheon Cutex-240 Multi-Axis Control CNC Turning Center
7036MACHINING CENTERFADALVMC-4020AFadal VMC-4020A 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center with Fadal 4th-Axis Rotary Table
7032CNC MILLS (ALL)KIAV25PKIA V25P CNC Vertical Machining Center with Fanuc Series 0MC Control
7009WOODWORKING EQUIPMENTDELTA43-375Delta 43-375 Two-Speed Heavy Duty Wood Shaper
6948CNC MILLS (ALL)FIRSTLC-185-VSFirst LC-185-VS 2-Axis CNC Mill with Sony Millstation NU 20-20/30 Control
6819DIGITAL READOUTSMODERNE ELECTRONICSMEGRNEW Moderne Electronique Digit2000 Digital Backgauge Indicator


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